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We create stories
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Web design

web design
Responsive web design

Web design, coding, SEO

We create original websites for which we also offer their administration, i.e. as website creators we continue to work to ensure it looks as good as possible, is up-to-date and safe. The whole website design project is implemented directly by us (graphics, coding, programming, SEO, launch, etc.), which allows us to offer the client maximum flexibility during the whole website design process (in terms of time), and also to offer an attractive price.

Responsive web design

We create responsive websites, i.e. websites whose contents adapt to the size of specific devices, from desktop computers and laptops to tablets and mobiles.

website display for basic simulation » laptop (1280 x 802) «
website display for basic simulation » tablet (768 x 1024) «
website display for basic simulation » smart phone (320 x 480) «

The price for website design is determined individually depending on difficulty and extent of the web presentation.

References:  Herbacos Recordati  |  Avilut  |  Efpri  |   Adesco  |  l-oo-ker 5  |  IncityLab ...

Website? If interested, or for further information, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Web apps

l-oo-ker 5
buzz monitoring
version 2.18


Do you own a company, lead a team or work as a marketing specialist? Do you work in a non-profit organisation and need to monitor a certain topic? This is just a brief list of options, immediately offered, who might find this web application useful.
Would you be interested? More on the website of this app.

LiCoSi 2.0

LiCoSi 2.0 (Live Color Simulations) is a fast online tool for simulating colours. This web application was created using the ActionScript 3.0 language. In order for "LiCoSi" to work, the Adobe Flash Player needs to be installed. In case of your interest, we are able to create any template with the required colour simulation extent.

Graphic design

Graphic design & animation

We can create anything you think of. From promotional materials, logos, leaflets, posters, illustrations, graphic design of studies, presentations etc. to package design.

As well as graphic design, we also create computer animations, we do vector graphics, so you could say we are interested in digital art as a whole.
You can view our other work see » IncityLab « or on » social networks. «

Dialogue Secret garden I package Valetol 10tbl Promotional materials
Work selection

Audiovisual creation


Short animated film about power, powerlessness and help

Once upon a time, a long time ago, he was one of those orphans who, suffering from a terrible hunger, stole a loaf of bread. And when he was driven by this act to the edge of an abyss, an old raven appeared in front of him and offered him the opportunity to choose his destiny from now on: to sacrifice himself for better life of others or to stay alive on the expense of those others?

BOY & RAVEN | author & creator: TOMAS SVASEK | music: TOMAS SVASEK | produced by INCITY s.r.o. © 2015


Mosquito | author & creator: TOMAS SVASEK | music: TOMAS SVASEK | produced by INCITY s.r.o. © 2014

Online marketing

Want an online campaign to highlight your products or services on the internet? We have practical experience both in creating marketing studies or specialised presentations (e.g. Vitabalans ltd, Herbacos Recordati s.r.o.), and in implementing such campaigns for more or less established products / services in the online environment, i.e. including social networks (e.g. Avilut, Mateřská školka JINAK).

Online vision & visibility

The internet is our natural working environment, so we are happy to offer you the knowledge we have built up within this specific space to improve your visibility, or to make your products or services more visible.